The Intelligence of the Social Networks at your hand


SAMi2 is a semi-automatic tool which using the current state of the art in semantics is able to process (in almost real time), data gathered previously by Online Social Networks contributing in this way to the prevention of situations that can endanger Citizien Security

Automatic connection and monitoring of public content

Automatic connection and monitoring of the public content of social sources in streaming like Twitter. Intermediate storage of the original tweets, always keeping links to the original sources for the generation of reports and their later verification.

Deep search engine

SAMi2 reuses the most common search ideas (search by users, by keywords) and by adding advanced searches (search by location, by related concepts, by times in which tweets and in which the aforementioned actions are performed).

Visual and dynamic interaction systems

Visual and dynamic interaction systems that facilitate the process of generated information: heat maps, hashtags clouds, social graphs

Artificial Intelligence

Refinement with artificial intelligence, which adapts future results to the needs of final users through simple and quick training

The Future

SAMi2 has a modular architecture that allows its continuous evolution. The following capabilities are currently being developed:
Instagram Multimedia Analysis & Facebook Social Analysis
  • New Social Networks

    Connecting to new social networks with new paradigms: Instagram (multimedia analysis), Facebook (social graph analysis) and other information sources such as Forums or Blogs (emphasis on static content).

  • Multimedia Analysis

    Conversion of audiovisual content that users link to an additional source of information: people detection, scene description, optical character recognition in images.

  • Social Analysis

    For interesting people detection, opinion leaders or content generators, SAMi2 provides visual tools for the registration of mentioned users, users relationship, traffic volume between those users and other social metrics.


SAMi2 uses the most advanced technologies of Big Data, language processing, semantic analysis and artificial intelligence, based on the work of the R&D department by HI Iberia.

Big Data

High-performance of mass-production (Big Data) technologies with scalable Apache Spark deployments to provide the required data volume.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing with the Stanford NLP base stack, complemented with HI Iberia’s own tools for the Spanish language and, in particular, the truncated and simplified language that is used in Twitter: detection of synonyms, expansion of abbreviations and regularization of terms.

Artificial Vision

Artificial vision using convolutional neural networks (Deep Learning): scene description, people detection and text recognition in images (OCR).

Neural Networks

Refining with neural networks of results training of the system. Through a very agile process of classification of results by the user, SAMi2 learns from the user the tweets that are most relevant to prioritize them.

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